• It's more than diet and exercise

    Women's Health in the Workplace

  • Women are Stressed

    Studies show that women are more likely than men to experience symptoms of stress. - womenshealth.gov

  • Men and Women Process Stress Differently

    Women are genetically and biologically wired differently than men and are more likely to experience fear, stress, and anxiety. - National Institute of Health & Biological Psychiatry

  • Women Are Still Underpaid and Undervalued

    Women in corporate leadership contribute to a 15 percent rise in profitability for companies, yet the percentage of women in leadership is declining and women are still underpaid and undervalued. - The Peterson Institute for International Economics & Center for American Progress

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Online Classes

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Creative women are artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers. At her heart and in her core she is a leader. She is a spark of energy and light that ignites the world with positivity and love. When she isn’t challenging the status quo, she is finding solutions to make the world a better place. Her enthusiasm for life helps her find creative solutions to life’s challenges. She makes her mark in the world and she does it with her own unique style.

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"Take advantage of the 2018 California bill SB 826 enacted by Governor Jerry Brown and sit on a board. The law has opened leadership doors for women, which requires at least one woman on a board of directors by the end of 2019." Read https://t.co/4CpOzvaFPt | #womeninleadership

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